Camera with Bug’s Eye View – 180 degree

Camera 180

A new camera is on research which can view upto 180 degree. This is an insect inspired camera system that mimics the curved, compound structure of an insect eye. It is reported that it can snap a panoramic view of 180 degree with sharp images without any movement ..

The origin of the this idea was really inspired by the housefly eye. With this, a team of interdisciplinary researchers at the University of Illinois and the Northwestern University have invented this hemispherical digital camera that consists 180 miniature lenses and holds an exceptional wide-angle field of view ..

Camera 180

“What we have, in a sense, is many small eyes on one big eye,” said Yonggang Huang, a senior author of the paper. “Each small eye, composed of a micro-lens and a micro-scale photo detector, is a separate imaging system, but when they are all taken together, the camera can take a clear picture, with just one snap, of nearly 180 degrees. The interface of different fields generates interesting new devices that never existed before,” he added ..

The notable fact here is that the humans capture their view using their two lenses from relatively flat eyes, while an SLR camera has just one flat lens. But the set of 180 curved micro-lenses assures to provide a good 180 degree view ..

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