Cyber Security is about to offer lakhs of job opportunities

cyber security
Cyber Security, an inevitable field in this era, will require 5 lakh professionals by 2015 to support its fast growing internet economy as per an estimate by the union ministry of information technology ..

These jobs will come up across industries of various sectors. For instance, say the financial sector, will alone require cyber security professionals of around 2 lakh people whereas telcos, utility sectors, power, oil & gas, airlines, government (law & order and egovernance ) will hire the rest ..

A large number of these jobs will be around cyberpolicing and ethical hacking, to check for network vulnerabilities. The need for cyberexperts has grown exponentially as the country is heading towards an internet explosion mostly fuelled by e-commerce, e-banking, egovernance and the social media ..

National Skill Development Council is also working with partners to develop cyber security talent. Nasscom along with DSCI currently operates 8 cyberlabs in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Thane, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi and Hyderabad. “We train the police on forensic, cyber crime detection and tell them how to register cybercrimes, secure evidences as per the IT Act,” said Bajaj ..

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