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Professional Training at Cognizant

IT Professional

IT Professional

CMM Level 5 IT Companies, say Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited (“Cognizant”), will offer you the role of Programmer Analyst Trainee for Fresher.

With continuation from last post regarding Programmer Analyst Trainee in CMM Level 5 IT Companies, say Cognizant | Section 2, now every fresher’s questions will be eager to know that what is meant by professionalism? How does the professional training at an IT Company, say Cognizant would be?

Professional Training at CMM Level 5 IT Companies, say Cognizant

Knowledge is Power“. Hence from the play school to the colleges, we are trying to gain atleast some knowledge with a major focus that it would helps to get a job. All the things we learnt can be simply grouped into communication, discipline and technical matters. But a corporate needs another thing which can never be learnt from anywhere other than the corporate that we are supposed to work with. And it is ‘Professionalism’.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” says Benjamin Franklin. And hence, once a fresher joined a company, he will be trained first. The moment I say the word ‘training’, all the thing that comes in our mind is the technical skills that a company needs (say Java). And ofcourse I am a fresher joined CMM Level 5 IT Company at July 4, 2014 and now in the training sessions for around one and a half week in ‘Advance Java’. Simply learning Java never makes us a professional. Moreover Java can be learnt from anywhere but not the professionalism.

In the pleasant morning at July 17, 2014 we, the freshers (120 in numbers – from four batches), currently undergoing training at M/S Rattha Holding Company Pvt Ltd, Tek Meadows, OMR, Sholinganallur, Chennai gathered in another branch at 9th floor, ASV Sun Tech, OMR, Thoraipakkam, Chennai. we just thought that there would be some activity gonna happen.

First Act Street Play

Sarath Chandra handled a session “The First Act” through which we, the four batches, were splited into six teams (20 members each) and every member in each team was assigned a role such as producers, director, assistant director, music director, art editor, script writer, screen play and the rest as the actors and we are instructed to create a movie with the producer’s approval as the producer is the customer for a cinema unit who gonna pay the entire unit.

The Producers from every team were called up by Sarath and given a different place. Now everyone as a team excluding producer formed a group and started discussing a story for their movie. We come up with a story and producer says rejected. Again we come up with another story and rejected. We realised that something is going on there but not what. Finally producer gave a theme (say Transparency for my team) and a method to expose (say Dance for my team) and ordered to create a story. yes he ordered.

CMM Level 5 IT Company, say Cognizant’s Cultural Value Drivers

Finally we created a story and delivered a promo (Trailer) for around two minutes and the completed movie for around 10 minutes after lunch. Now every team had performed and everything completed. At last we came to know about every team’s theme concept and they are

  1. Integrity
  2. Empowered
  3. Transparency
  4. Passionate
  5. Collaboration
  6. Customer Focus

At first we just thought that there would be some activity gonna happen that day but we realized that it was a real and essential professional training at IT Company, say Cognizant,‘s i.e., Cultural Value Drivers which comprises the above six.

We’ve learnt really an useful thing to survive in a professional environment and maybe the very first thing. Rather than what we did and learnt technically for one and a half week, this day makes us feel that we are trained for being a professional.

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