First Ubuntu Phone from Samsung

Samsung Ubuntu Phone

Newer smartphone operating system are in buzz especially for Linux OS and now here comes the first phone that runs on Ubuntu OS from Samsung. Designer Suman Chatterjee imagined a Samsung phone with Ubuntu OS on board and thought that the name Samsung U1000 is good enough and all the other Ubuntu Samsung models would be part of the U Series ..

The most interesting part about this device is that it has almost the same specifications as the Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4. Also, it comes with a very unique and interesting user interface. The Samsung Ubuntu phone has a very elegant metal stripe camera area and totally looks like an iPhone from the side ..

The device has no physical buttons on the front, which means it basically works on gestures. As a platform, Ubuntu Touch has managed to impress many and has generated a lot of interest among those who want to tweak their handset. It almost makes sense since Samsung’s Activ S (the S3 lookalike) runs Windows and now this will be a Samsung Galaxy S4 lookalike running Ubuntu ..

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