Indian Develops Replica of Google Glass “Smart Cap” at Rs 4,500

Indian Replica of Google Glass Smart Cap

Arvind Sanjeev, Chief Inventor and Founder of A.R.S. Devices, an Indian develops replica of Google glass “Smart Cap”, an augmented reality head-mounted display that works just like Google Glass, for less than $75 or Rs 4,500 within a month using open-source hardware. Arvind has even listed down the steps along with the hardware and software he employed to create the device on the blog DIY Hacking, so that anyone interested may go ahead and develop their version of the same. Arvind believes that while technologies like Google Glass and Oculus Drift are surely fueling the fad, they are quite expensive to use.

Smart Cap Hardware Component

  1. Raspberry Pi model B.
  2. A Web Camera with an inbuilt mic, He preferred iBall C 8.0 Web Camera.
  3. A 2.5″ NTSC/PAL LCD display.
  4. A headphone with mic.
  5. A loupe magnifier with aspheric lens.
  6. Sun board sheets or cardboard sheets.
  7. Fevicol SR glue or equivalent.

Smart Cap Software Component

  1. Rasbi OS image with Voice Recognition Software.

In case you don’t want to shell out $1500 to experience similar functionalities and want to create a similar device of your own, then the creator states that this DIY Head Mounted Display tutorial is what you need. Using this tutorial, he aims to show how one can develop one’s head mounted, virtual reality or augmented reality displays from scratch. He then goes on to list down the steps he undertook to create the ‘Smart Cap’, a first of its kind. His system comprises a webcam for video sharing/recording and voice recognition to render a hands-free experience.

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