Indian Social Network WorldFloat to Compete with Facebook and Twitter

World Float

WorldFloat, an Indian Social Network site, is hoping an increse of 10 million users from 6 million users by the end of June ..

WorldFloat, Launched on June of last year, with gaining popularity over the world hopes to give competition to global giants like Facebook and Twitter ..

It have several unique featuresand the most important is virtual games like “treasure hunt game” that allows users to win money while networking ..

“Worldfloat is not just a social networking platform. It is also a way for people to earn money up to Rs.10,000 through online competitions and contests by buying an online ticket of Rs.100,” he said. The competition will be launched in a couple of weeks. “There is no other technology platform or website today that offers such a unique service and function capable of giving users money through gaming and competition” ..

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