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IT Professional

IT Professional


Programmer Analyst Trainee in Cognizant

CMM Level 5 IT Companies, say Cognizant Technology Solutions India Private Limited (“Cognizant”), will offer you the role of Programmer Analyst Trainee for Fresher.

With continuation from last post regarding Tasks and Trainings for a Programmer Analyst Trainee in IT Company, say Cognizant, now every fresher’s questions will be as salary? trainings? exit exams? food and transportation? at IT Company, say Cognizant.


Training at CMM Level 5 IT Companies, say cognizant is divided into 2 categories
Here you will get trained on your respective domains by the trainer and exit exams are conducted.
Office Work
Here you will be assigned a project and you will have few more exams called dovetails.

Exit Exams

These are the test where you can have a maximum of three attempts and should have cutoff of 70 percent or above. As same as semesters you’ve did in your college, this would be a same classroom sitting system where they train you and test you. Mostly the question pattern would be as 30 Multiple Choice Questions (30 Marks) and 6 Programs (70 Marks).


These are similar to exit exams but they have only 30 Multiple Choice Questions and you need to score 60 percent or above with a chance of only 2 attempts.


As mention in the offer letter, you will be receiving an amount of 20,610 INR per month.

Dress code

As every organization focuses on professionalism too, Smart dress code should be maintained.
Half/full-sleeved collared shirts, collared t-shirts, formal trousers, single-colored full length jeans, corduroys and chinos. These can be paired with appropriate footwear like formal black or brown leather shoes, loafers or sports shoes.
Saree, salwar/churidhar/leggings with kameez, kurtis, tops, collared shirts/t-shirts, formal trousers, single-colored full length jeans, corduroys, chinos and full-length skirts. These can be paired with appropriate footwear.

But as an important note, you have to host or attend meetings with clients, or attend a formal gathering you can be dressed in formal attire.

Working Time

The normal workings hours are between 9AM and 6PM from Monday to Friday i.e., eight (8) working hours and a break for an hour. But the Company may increase or decrease the working hours per day without your consent. You may also be required to work on a shift basis.


Transportation will be offered upon your request and will be charged.


Food will be offered upon your request and will be charged.

Hope you have some idea now. Please visit for further more information like Professional Training at CMM Level 5 IT Companies, say Cognizant.

Note : This post has been written based on the details shared here

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  1. Jaswant says:

    what about Bcom computer application students, ll it be same designation?

    1. Andro Babu says:

      Hello Jaswant,

      Once you joined the company, you will get to know everything on the very first day itself.
      Also I am also the one like you gonna join in Cognizant.



    1. Andro Babu says:

      Thank you NAVYA VARGHESE

  3. Animesh says:

    Can You tell me whether Cognizant will be providing accommodation during training period, or we have to arrange for ourselves?

    1. Andro Babu says:

      Hello Animesh,

      Cognizant will not provide accommodation. You need to arrange it by yourself ..

  4. Sapna says:

    My bgv process form is not opening in 1c portal of cognizant. Every time I try to open it error comes “you are not authorised to access this application”.Can u please help me on this?

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