War between Google and Microsoft – Google don’t wants YouTube App in Windows App Store

The Windows maker is now reportedly under siege from the search-engine giant for one peculiar reason. According to The Verge report, Microsoft is currently in a battle with Google for the right to let users download and use a Windows Phone-based YouTube app. However, it seems Google is not clearly pleased with Microsoft’s arrangement, which is why it has issued a cease and desist letter in order to get the YouTube App removed from Windows Phone by Microsoft ..

So what does the letter specify? The cease and desist letter sent to Microsoft has asked Microsoft to remove its YouTube app from the Microsoft store and also wants each YouTube app installed to be disabled by end of next week ..

Replying back to the letter, Microsoft has said that it is ready to meet Google’s demands and is willing to show ads on its YouTube app, but it wants similar co-operation from the search-engine giant also ..

In between this altercation, the users are going to be the biggest sufferers. Mutual co-operation is the need of hour between the majors but the chances of any quick resolve are remote. We suggest WP users to look for YouTube app alternatives on the Windows Store as you might run the risk of losing out on the video browsing service once the deadline mentioned on the letter comes under force ..

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