Top 10 Google Facts of the year 2014

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Google users are very interested in the general knowledge about our favourite search engine in a crazy way known as Google Facts. Here are some of the craziest top 10 Google facts of the year 2014 which you shouldn’t miss at all.

Google, the biggest search engine across the globe, is one of the best options when you take to the internet to search anything. If you are seriously in love with Google and can’t even think a single day without it then there are some factors which you must know about this helpful giant.

Google considers more than 200 factors and does a lot of homework before giving you the best results regarding your search. These best results are provided in a fraction of a second, though.

Google Fact 1

Have you ever mistyped as It will redirects you to Google owns a host of domains like,, and so on for the benefit of users to avoid common typing errors.

Google Fact 2

Every second more than 2 million searches are conducted on Google.

Google Fact 3

The moonshots projects by Google are capable of changing the world for millions of people around the world. But not only these big projects, Google also takes on some other important projects which cater to a smaller number of people. For example, Google introduced Cherokee language in Gmail in 2012.

Google Fact 4

The first Google Doodle was created in August 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. While they were travelling to Burning Man in Nevada desert, this duo wanted Google users to know where these Google people are these days. Hence they created this festival logo and added it to Google’s homepage.

Google Fact 5

Advertising makes huge difference in the company’s revenue history as about 91 per cent of Google’s $55.5 billion revenue in 2013 was created through ads.

Google Fact 6

The search index in Google is of a huge size, more than 100 million gigabytes. If someone wants to contain the same amount of data in a personal drive, then the requirement would be up to 100,000 one-terabyte.

Google Fact 7

Google always tries to ensure that their visitor should spend least time on their site by providing fastest results.

Google Fact 8

Google’s Street View maps contain more than 5 million miles of road which have been photographed by Google itself.

Google Fact 9

This year only Google has purchased 2 companies, which means Google acquires at least 3 companies per month.

Google Fact 10

YouTube fans watch videos on this Google site for more than 6 billion hours every month. It means every person’s almost an hour on this Earth.

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